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Email Help

Domain name based email (ex: is included free with Amp Vibe. For email help resources, please see Working with Elexio Email (MailEnable).


IntelliSite is Elexio's legacy Content Management System. All help material for IntelliSite is found within your website Updates area ( after clicking on Help.

Amp Software Suite

The Amp suite integrates your website, database, mobile app and check-in. Since Amp shares one database, when information is updated in any one place, it's up-to-date everywhere in the whole suite. Listed below are the individual products within Amp.

Amp Vibe is our website Content Management System (CMS). It allows you to easily update and manage your website and can be integrated with your Fusion database.

Amp Fusion is our Church Management Software solution. Powerful and easy-to-use, it's designed to help you manage all aspects of your church.

Pulse is an online portal that allows your church attenders to view and manage essential information from Amp Fusion in a web browser.

Amp Wave is the mobile app included free with Amp Fusion. It provides quick access to your church directory on your smart-phone.

Amp Touch is an electronic church check-in system that syncs with your Amp Fusion database.


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