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Last Updated: 2/3/14

Using Elexio Check-In or Database on an iPad

If you want to do check in on an iPad you can do it using our Mobile app! We offer both self-check-in and Admin mode check-in.

But if you want to run Elexio Check-In on an iPad the only way you can do that is using Remote Desktop configured on your local server.   We know this works because we've tested it internally at Elexio and we know of a few churches that are doing it.   But we do not offer support for this method because it is highly dependent on your local server, your local wireless network and having good local IT support.  But we will offer the following guidance if you have all of the above.

The following steps are required to use Elexio Check-In/Database on an iPad

1. Use one of your Windows Servers (we recommend 2012 or later) or setup a new one and turn on the Remote Desktop Connection feature (Terminal Server).  You don't need a very powerful machine.  You could use an old desktop, just install Windows Server on it.   (Don't even try to use Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8.  These can't support more than a few connections.)  Use Microsoft's charity licensing to get Windows Server very cheaply if needed.

2. For Elexio Check-In setup a networked label printer that is accessible from the server.  (All the label printers Elexio sells have a built in network jack so they can be stand alone printers shared by multiple kiosks.)

3. Install Elexio Check-In (and Elexio Database if desired) on that server.  You will want to turn off Fingerprint scanning and Bar code scanning as these won't work on an iPad.  Also point Elexio Check-In to the label printer on your network.

4. On your iPad, download a remote desktop connection application from the Apple App Store. Some examples are: iTap RDP, LogMeIn, Pocket Cloud, etc.

5. Use your iPad's Remote Desktop application to access the server running Elexio Check-In. You must know the server's name or IP as well as have the appropriate login credentials.

6. Once you have successfully logged into the machine remotely, start up Elexio Check-In (or Database) and you're ready to go.

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