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Last Updated: 9/25/14

How to Handle Check In for Divorced or Separated Parents

There are several ways to configure Elexio Check-In that will allow you to handle children of divorced or separated parents. But let's talk about how to handle the data about a family when they break up, then we'll explain how that affects check in.

Step 1 - You need to know whether one of the spouses is moving out and then you need to move that spouse to their own household.   (In Database, on the People screen, click on Common Tasks, Move this Person to a New or Different Household.)  

Step 2 - You need to know whether both spouses are going to continue coming to the church and whether they will have the children when they come.  In almost every case eventually only one (or neither!) of the spouses will continue to come to the church.   You need to keep (or move) the kids to the same household with that spouse who keeps attending the church.  If needed use the same steps as above to move the kids.

Step 3 - However, if both spouses continue to come to the church and they both could be bringing the kids, then here's the options:

  1. One of the spouses will not have any of the kids in their household record in Database.  Usually this is the dad, so to make this easy to explain, let's assume that's true in all the following scenarios.   So when dad tries to check in, he can use the "Other People..." button on the family screen at the bottom left. (This is a optional feature that can be turned on/off by your system admin from the Control Panel of Elexio Check-In.)   This allows dad to temporarily add kids to his household during the Check In/Out process.   He will have to type in the kids names each week in order to check them in.

  2. The dad can login with the User Name/PIN, bar code or fingerprint assigned to the mother's account who has the kids in her household.  This means the mother needs to feel comfortable with the father doing this and being able to see the info displayed in Elexio Check-In.  For the fingerprint option, the father would need to register one of his prints on the mother's record.   Or his bar code would have to be registered under the mother's name.   Elexio Check-In allows each person to have up to 3 bar codes.  Or he would need to know the mother's PIN if your church uses lookup by Name & PIN.

Step 4 - If the mother is NOT willing to allow the father to have access to her account in Elexio Check-In, then the other option is to move the kids to their own separate household without either parent being part of it.   Then you could register the fingerprints or bar codes of the two spouses on one of the kids names.  We call this the "Solomon Option" because the divorcing/separating parents simply can't be trusted or cooperate with one another.

We DO NOT recommend duplicating the kids records and putting a copy under each parent.   This will cause all kinds of problems that you really don't want.  For example, you'll have problems with reporting, name lookup, keeping the kids info in sync, etc. 

It is not our intention to appear insensitive or apathetic to the challenges presented by complex family arrangements. Stay tuned for our Extended Household Manager feature.   With this feature we want to allow you to make selected kids/people show up under multiple households at check in if desired.  

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