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Last Updated: 6/12/14

Why don't my fingerprints work?

First, read the article entitled 'How do fingerprints work?'

There are several factors that affect the successful recognition of a fingerprint scan. Most importantly, it is important to make sure that fingerprint scans are performed correctly. Most of the unique, repeatable fingerprint information is located in the "pad" of your finger, not in the "tip".

For best results, follow these simple rules when scanning a fingerprint:

You may also get a better reading if you place your finger on the scanner so that the end of your finger (not including fingernail) is even with the back end of the scanner. 

If a person continues to have trouble getting their fingerprints to work and you are sure their reference prints are good, you can try cleaning the reader or adjusting the following settings:

Use Quality Screening

Quality Threshold

Minimum Minutiae Count

Template Count

Template FAR

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