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Last Updated: 6/20/14

Why aren't there any events for me to select?

The following is a list of tests that the Kiosk performs to determine whether or not an event will be presented to a person on the Event Selection Screen. Each test must pass before the next test is performed. If any one test fails, the event will not be available to the identified person. Understanding these tests will help in troubleshooting why events are not appearing for certain people.


In order for an event to pass this test, it must meet all of the criteria specified in Step 2 of the Event Builder.

Essentially,the person attempting to check in must do so on the correct date, no earlier and no later than the specified time frame at a Kiosk whose Campus Filter system option is set to monitor the appropriate campus.


If the identified person is in the event's list of expected attendees, this test will pass.

If they are not in the list then the Show All Events rules will be followed.


If the identified person has not already checked into the event, this test will pass.

If they have already checked in and the event requires people to return to the kiosk to check out, then this event will pass.

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