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Last Updated: 7/29/14

How do I use Check-In when no internet connection is available?


Elexio Check-In can work in offline mode when an internet connection is not available. You can even set up a small local area network to use more than one kiosk offline. This is a great solution for meeting in a rented facility or offsite event. This document details how to set up the Elexio Check-In to work in this manner.

Elexio Check-In Setup – Working Offline

This kiosk will run the offline Elexio database and will need to connect to the internet to synchronize with the Elexio Servers before and after each event.

1.     Connect to the internet

2.     Install the Elexio Check-In application

3.     Start the Elexio Check-In application

4.     Go to the Elexio Check-In Control Panel

5.     Click Connections

6.     Select Offline

7.     Click Connect Now

8.     If this is the first time this computer is connecting offline, SQL Server Express will be automatically downloaded and installed, the offline database will be created, a subscription to your church's database will be established, and the initial synchronization will take place. This setup process can take up to 30 minutes to complete.    DO NOT TURN OFF YOUR COMPUTER UNTIL THIS PROCESS COMPLETES!

9.     From then on, you will be connecting to an offline copy of your database.  If an internet connection is detected, the Kiosk will automatically synchronize in the background.  Thus, it is VERY important that you regularly connect your kiosk to the internet in order to sync the data.

Elexio Check-In Setup – Working Locally

These kiosks will use the database located on the kiosk that is working offline. You need to make sure all kiosks can 'see' each other through a local area network. While this local network workgroup can be set up wirelessly, it is recommended that an Ethernet hub and network cables be used. You may need to contact a network administrator for additional assistance in setting up a workgroup.

1.     Install the Elexio Check-In application

2.     Start the Elexio Check-In application

3.     Go to the Elexio Check-In Control Panel

4.     Press Connections

5.     Select Local

6.     Enter the name of the kiosk running the Elexio database. The computer name can be found by right-clicking on My Computer on the server and selecting Properties.

7.     Enter the SQL TCP Port in the TCP Port box and press Save.  By default this is 1261.

8.     Enter your User Name and Password and press Connect Now                                                                             

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