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Last Updated: 5/2/13

How do I make Check-In print security tags for two events?

Problem:  Elexio Check-In prints the name tag and security tag for only the first event and nothing for the second.


Please go to the Elexio Check-In Administrative Interface - System Options - Check In/Out - Multi Event Label Printing Rule.  You need to specify if you want just the first event name tag/receipt or if you want all the events to produce name tag/receipt.  This setting change affects all computers so it only needs to be changed from Elexio Check-In once. The way this works for multiple consecutive events is that it will print the name tag for the first event and the security receipt for the last event. The logic is that the name tag is for where the child will immediately be going and the security receipt is where they will be when they are ready to be picked up. nIf at any time you wanted to pick the child up earlier then you could access the account and select Reprint Receipt. This will always print the receipt for where the child is at that current time. Again the logic is that you are reprinting the receipt so you must want to check out the child. In their database, however, if you have these events set to print the Check In Summary receipts -  it simply summarizes all kids they just checked in. These are not intended to be used as security receipts. To get the desired behavior, change the events to use the Check Out Summary receipts instead.


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