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Last Updated: 6/20/14

Database Connections Overview

Elexio Check-In can connect to your Elexio database. When connecting to the database, you have the option of working online, offline, or locally.

Because there are so many options, the connection settings can be configured and saved for easy reuse. Whenever Elexio Check-In successfully connects to a database, it saves the connection. It also sets that connection as the default for the next time the application starts.

To change connections, you will need to:

1. While you are in Kiosk Mode, click the lower left hand corner of the screen until you hit the hidden button. You'll be prompted to enter the Master Kiosk PIN code.

2. Then you will be at the Elexio Check-In Control Panel. Press the Database Connections button

3. Select the connection you want to use from the list.

If the connection you select is offline, then the Sync Tools menu on the main Elexio Check-In Control Panel will be enabled. This will give you access to the Database Synchronization Tools.

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