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Last Updated: 6/17/14

How do fingerprints work?

Using fingerprints is simple, fast, and secure. First you register one or more of your fingerprints (see below). The system saves enough unique information about your fingerprint to create a template so that a fingerprint reader can later identify you. Your actual fingerprint is not stored, and your actual fingerprint cannot be reconstructed from the template that is created and stored.

When you want to access your account, you touch the fingerprint reader and your fingerprint is compared to the template that was created during the registration process. If there is enough matching information, you are authenticated and access is granted to your account. If there is not enough matching information, the system will not verify you.

How does someone add fingerprints to his/her account?

First make sure the Update Fingerprints system option is set to Yes. Select Update My Account for the family member whose fingerprints you want to update and then select My Fingerprints.

You can add up to 10 fingerprints to each account.

The Scan button will activate the fingerprint reader and wait for a reference fingerprint to be scanned. If the Use Templates system option is on, then you will be required to scan each finger more than once. The Template Count system option determines how many samples per fingerprint will be taken. Once the samples are taken, a composite fingerprint will be generated and the actual fingerprint image will be displayed if the Save Reference Image is on. Otherwise, a sample image will be used.

Use the Delete button to delete the fingerprint image and corresponding binary fingerprint data.

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