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Last Updated: 6/17/14

What is the Fingerprint Scanner Licensing Policy?

1. You must buy fingerprint scanners from us.

We only support one brand of scanner and it comes with a license to use the scanner on 1 computer.

2. You must pick one computer and use the scanner on that one computer. 

Our fingerprint scanners come with a license for use on one computer. You may not use the fingerprint scanner on any other computer other than the one you originally plugged it into UNLESS you buy additional licenses. BUT if you replace your computer with a new one then we will move the license to the new computer 1 time without cost. If you want to move it a second time, we will charge you for a new license. (Yes, we know. We don’t like this policy either, but we are bound by the terms of licensing by the third party software we use for fingerprinting. We are lobbying them to change this policy.)

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