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Last Updated: 6/17/14

Installing GoDex EZPi 1200 Wireless Printer


Must be done on same network as WIFI

USB or Wireless NOT both

Find MAC address by hovering over Godex LAN in Control Center printer status in webpage

Use plain Godex- Ezpi1200 driver

  1. Plug in Ethernet
  2. Power Printer On
  3. Download Ethernet control Center Software  under EZ Series (http://www.godexintl.com/global/download/downloads/list/Utilities)
  4. Extract files from the downloaded Zip file
  5. Run the Control center install
  6. Launch Control Center
    1. Click configure Server
      • U: admin
      • p: admin
    2. Here you can configure Network Settings (DHCP or Static) and wireless properties
      • Recommended to set a static IP here
  7. After configuring wireless settings for your network
    1. Unplug Ethernet
    2. Power cycle printer
    3. And it should come up on the WIFI network
  8. Install Seagull Driver
  9. Setup the driver on the computer you wish to print from
    1. Download GoDEX Printer Driver_VX.X.X_X-X (where the X's are whatever version is on the site at the time).  You can find it here: http://www.godexintl.com/global/product/type/model/EZPi1200
    2. Run the install
    3. Run the driver setup wizard at the end of the install
      1. Chose Godex EZPi-1200 as the model
      2. Chose an existing port if you've already created one or chose to create a new Standard TCP/IP port and use the IP address you specified in the above steps
        1. If you created a new port chose the new port
      3. Name the printer however you'd like
      4. Click next and finish
  10. Right Click on the newly created printer in control panel > devices and printers
  11. Select printer properties > general tab
  12. Click on preferences and page setup
    1. Click "new" under the stock section
      1. Name the new label whatever you'd like
      2. Change the label size to 3" width and 2" height
      3. Click OK
    2. Navigate to the "stock" tab
      1. Change the post print action to "CUT"
      2. Click apply and ok
  13. Navigate to the advanced tab of the printer properties box
    1. Click the printing defaults button at the bottom left
    2. Click page setup in the next window
      1. Change the drop down to the newly created 3x2 label you created above
      2. Click apply
    3. Navigate to the "stock" tab
      1. Change the post print action to "CUT"
      2. Click apply and ok
    4. Click apply and navigate back to the general tab on the printer properties dialog box
  14. Print test page
  15. Open Check-In and set the printer in system options to be the newly created printer
  16. Print a test label from Check-In


Label is cut mid-label:
     Open printer properties and click the preferences button
     Click the "stock" tab
           Uncheck the "use current printer settings" box under position adjustments at the bottom
      Enter 1.06 in the stop position
      Click OK

Some problems can be fixed by completely uninstalling the GoDex driver and reinstalling it using the directions above.

Uninstall GoDex Driver:
 delete the printer you created in the above steps
     Find the location you installed the drivers to (Default is c:\seagull)
     Double click the "driver wizard" program
     Select remove drivers and remove all drivers by seagull
     After the computer reboots find the "driver wizard" again (default is c:\seagull) and run it this time selecting install printer
          Go to step 9.3 above

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