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Last Updated: 9/16/13

How to Install and Configure the Zebra GK420d Label Printer


This article describes how to install and configure the Zebra GK420d label printer for use with the Elexio Check-In application. Elexio Check-In will print labels based on the settings defined in the printer such as the label size, margins, and orientation so it is important to make sure these settings accurately reflect your desired layout.

1. Unpack the printer and connect the power cord and USB printer cable according to the instructions that came with the printer. Also, load the desired sized labels into the printer.

2. Power on the printer and allow Windows to find the new hardware. If you are prompted to install a driver, insert the CD that came with the printer or obtain the latest driver from our website.

3. After the driver installation has finished, press the Windows Key + R to open the Run window.

4. In the Open box, type control printers and press OK.

5. Right-click on the Zebra printer and select 'Printing preferences' from the menu.

6. Specify the media settings on the Options tab that reflect the labels you are using.

7. In the Elexio Check-In application, go to the System Options in the Administrative Interface.

8. Navigate to Printers and specify the Zebra printer for the Name Tag and Security Receipt printers.

You can specify the label printing options for each event in the Church Calendar.

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