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Last Updated: 3/6/15

Control Panel

To get to the Control Panel, click the button in the lower left corner of the log-in screen. The button shows up for 5 seconds after start-up, then is invisible, but can still be pressed at any time. Then enter the Master Passcode. From the Control Panel screen, you can return to Kiosk Mode or manage system options. If you are working offline or working locally, you can access the Sync Agent. You can also access and manage your database connections. This is also the screen you need to go to if you want to exit the program. If a new version of the application is available, you will be notified that it has been downloaded on this screen.


Sync Agent Control Panel

The Sync Agent Control Panel available on the Kiosk Control Panel when you are Working Offline. This tool provides access to an interface that allows you to monitor the synchronization process in great detail. The status messages are useful for troubleshooting synchronization problems.

Reload Cached Data

If you’ve just made a change to an event in Database, you typically need to click ‘refresh cached data’ for that change to appear immediately in Check-In. On a Sunday morning, if a church realizes they haven’t set up an event correctly for people to check into, they make a change in Database but will likely need to clear the Check-In cache for that change to immediately be seen so people can check in correctly.

Print Room Reports

This option produces a report of all people currently checked into each room at a campus. This is a static report that cannot be customized. For more event reporting options, check out the Event and Check in reports in Elexio Database.

Print Test Label

This option allows you to print a test label with fictitious information to help you see if your labels will print correctly. You can use this to help check the formatting and responsiveness of your printer.

Event Selection

If you want the kiosk to only allow check in to one event, go into Event Selection and select "Automatically Check People into the Event selected below" and select the event. When people login on this kiosk, it will automatically check them into just that event.

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