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Last Updated: 6/17/14

Bar Code Access

The Kiosk provides the ability for a person to access their account by using a bar code.

Using bar codes is simple and fast. People can walk up to the kiosk and swipe their bar code to check in. The number on the bar code will be matched against the pre-registered bar codes in your database. If there is a matching bar code, you are authenticated and access is granted to your account.

First you need to decide what bar codes can be used. Just about any kind of bar code that has straight up and down lines can be used. These can be provided by the church or can be anything that has a bar code on it like a store key ring tag or a video rental card.

Many churches choose to have professionally printed key tags made. These could have a bar code on one side and the church logo on the other side. Bar codes represent numbers. Elexio Check-In can store any number up to 11 digits long. So when the tags are made your provider will usually ask for a number range to used. So you could use 1 to 5000 if you like.

Each person will need to register their bar code with their account. If the church is providing bar coded tags then someone from the church can do this ahead of time to help speed up the registration process. If you want to do it ahead of time, we recommend that you temporarily turn off the option to prompt for a PIN number so that you can lookup people by simply entering their name. Once you see their family onscreen, click on their picture. Then press Edit My Account in the lower right hand corner of the screen. Then press the Bar Code button on the right. You can register up to 3 different codes for each person.

Once the bar code option is turned on and the kiosk is at the Account Access Screen, the computer is ready to receive bar code scans. There is no need to press the bar code button. The scanner is always active so just swipe the card.

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