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Last Updated: 12/24/14

How do I add a guest?

You can use the Guest Check in module to add new families to your database. There are several factors that control this feature:

  1. The 'Use Guest Check In' system option will add or remove this option from the Account Access Screen.

  2. The 'Additional Guest Check In Information' system option will control which information is requested other than the person's name and household.

  3. The 'Guess Age Group Rule' system option determines the age group the person will be assigned to after they enter their birth date.

  4. The 'Status Code Mapping' and 'Status Map Rules' define how to classify newly added people and whether or not to include them in follow up processes.

To get started, press the Guest Check Button on the Account Access Screen:

Enter a person's first and last name: *Note: the first name you enter will be associated as the Head of Household for the new family

You will receive a message if the person already exists in the database:

If you select Yes, you will be taken to this person's Family Selection Screen. If you select No, you will be prompted to change some part of the person's name to make them uniquely identifiable:

You will then need to add this person to an existing household or create a new one. The Kiosk will try to guess the name of the household as you type the first name(s).

To add the person to an existing household, click the box when the correct household appears as you start typing the first name(s).

To create a new household, simply enter the household name following the format [Last Name, Head of Household & Spouse]. The spouse name is optional. When you add a new Household, you'll notice that Check-In will stop suggesting ones that already exist in the database. Hit Next to move on.

You will then be asked to fill in the remaining information based on the Additional Guest Check In Information prompts you have selected.At the end of the process you will be asked if you want to add additional family members to the household.

Pressing Yes will restart the Guest Check In process but will skip any household-specific prompts.

Pressing No will take you to the Family Selection Screen.


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