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Last Updated: 6/17/14

User Account Access Screen

To complete a check in transaction, your regular attenders must first access their accounts (To create an account and access it see Guest Check-in). An account can be accessed in one of five ways: using just PIN number, using a PIN number and Name, using a fingerprint scanner, using a bar code reader or by creating then accessing a new account (Guest Check-in). Access options are configured using the following system options:

The following image shows the screen with all access options activated.  To utilize the name/pin, pin only or guest option, users touch or click the appropriate button. To utilize bar code or fingerprint option users place their bar code or finger print under/on the appropriate scanner.    When using the name/pin mode or pin only mode a second screen will appear allowing the user to type in the requested information.

Pin only...

Name first (then PIN if marked as required in setup options)

After entering the requested information users are directed to the family selection screen.

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