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Last Updated: 6/17/14

User Name and PIN Access

The Kiosk has the ability to access a person's account by selecting their name from a list and entering their personal identification number (PIN). To enable this feature, turn on the Use Name and PIN system option. PINs can be set in Elexio Database as well as by updating a person's account in the Kiosk.

There are several system options that will affect the behavior of this account access method:

  • First of all, the Use Name and PIN option must be on to use this feature.

  • The Name Format system option controls whether the name list is sorted by first name or last name.

  • The Allow Blank PIN system option will control how the kiosk will handle a situation when a person with a blank PIN selects their name from the list.

  • The Require PIN system option controls whether a PIN is even used.

  • The Minimum Age and Minimum Age Button system options allow you to limit who can use this feature based on their age.

  • The Input Timeout system option controls how long the user has to access their account.

  • The User Not Found Message system option controls the message that is displayed in case a user types in a name that is not in the list.

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