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Account Linking

In certain situations, check-in users users (i.e. a head of household or spouse of head) will find it useful to allow other check-in users (i.e. the ex-husband or wife) to perform check in tasks for members of the household.  To allow this type of access, check-in users will follow these steps.

  1. Login to a kiosk by signing into your household
  2. Select the family member that you want to be able to be checked-in/out by someone outside of your household
  3. Select the My Account option for the selected family member
  4. Select Link to Other People
  5. Search for and select the person that you will authorize to perform check-in/out tasks for this member of your household
  6. The check-in software will ask if you want to also allow the spouse of the person (when applicable) you have selected to have check-in/out authorization as well

This feature is ideal for managing the parental check in rights for divorced or separated families.  This setting can only be made at a kiosk (i.e. it cannot be completed in the database).  If you are a system administrator with the override password for your check-in kiosks you could authorize pick-up for others.

Once the authorization is complete, the household member for whom check-in/out authorization was granted will appear in both their original household and in the household of the person who was granted check-in/out authorization.  This dual visibility is only in the check-in software and not in the database.  Visibility to linked activities performed by check in kiosk users can be seen in the database only by running FCR4200.0 Linked Contacts.

*Linked contacts only appear in Check-In, not through Mobile check-In.

Important Security Note: Access to link accounts is not restricted.  Anyone with access to Update My Account will be able to create a link.  This is especially important if your ministry is not utilizing any form of security (i.e. pin numbers, fingerprints, barcodes) to authorize account access.


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