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Last Updated: 1/7/15

Quick Status

If the person selected from the Family Selection Screen has already checked into an event for the current day, then the Quick Status button will appear at the top right of the Edit My Account screen. Pressing this button will display the person's current information. You can use this information to find a child, page or text a parent, or to confirm special information.

The ability to quickly send a text to a parent or guardian was added to the January 2015 release.Here are the specifics:

  • When an administrator needs a parent/guardian, they can go to Check-In and select the name of the child from the User Name and PIN option and enter the master kiosk passcode to access their account.
  • Click on the child and then My Account.
  • If the child is currently checked in, they will be taken to the Quick Status screen where the Send Text To [Guardian Mobile Number] button will appear along with the default text message.
  • The Guardian Mobile Number is the mobile number of the person who actually checked the child in that morning (not necessarily a parent).
  • The actual text message is configured in the Check-In System options and is customizable per kiosk to allow for parents to be called to different locations in the building depending on the kiosk originating the text.

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