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Last Updated: 8/29/14

System Options: Bar Code Reader

Bar Code Instructions

Default:You can add up to three bar codes which can be used to access your account. A bar code may have been provided to you from our church or you can use any object that contains a bar code such as a grocery store or video rental card.

A person can have up to three bar codes which can be used to access their account. Your church may issue your own bar codes or you may want to allow people to assign a personal bar code to their accounts such as a grocery store or video rental key tag.

This option will define the text that is displayed on the My Bar Codes screen when a person is updating their account.

Hint: If your church wants tighter security and is issuing custom bar codes, you can disable a person's ability to change their own bar codes.

Scan Threshold

Default: 50 milliseconds

Use this option to specify a threshold for your bar code scanner. This is the amount of time the scanner will wait from the start of a scan until the end of the scan. Lowering the threshold will increase the performance of the scanner but may result in misreads. Raising the threshold will slow down the scanner but improve its accuracy.

Use Bar Code Reader

Default: No

Use this option to turn on or off the ability to access an account using a bar code. Turning this option on will display the bar code access button in Kiosk Mode.

Bar codes can be added to an account by updating a person's account in the Kiosk.

Use Contact ID (System wide)

Default: Yes

This option allows users to access their account with a bar code that matches their database Contact ID. Database generates barcodes for each person based off the Contact ID.The Contact ID is a field used by our database that’s unique to each person. Clients cannot change it.

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