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System Option: Compromised Bar Code Action

Path: Account Access\Bar Code Reader

Scope: Global


  • Ignore

  • Block

  • Give Warning

Default: Give Warning

A bar code is used to identify a single individual. However, bar codes are not guaranteed to be unique so it is possible for two people to have different items with the same bar code. If a person tries to add a bar code to their account that already exists for another user, they will be notified that their bar code is not unique and the bar code will not be added.

This presents a security risk because a savvy user will now know that their bar code can access another person's account. Use this option to specify how you want to handle this situation the next time the user with the original bar code accesses the system:

  • Ignore the attempt to add a duplicate bar code.

  • Warn the user who has the original bar code that their account has been compromised and that they should delete or update their bar code as soon as possible.

  • Block the user who has the original bar code from accessing their account with the compromised bar code.

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