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Last Updated: 8/29/14

System Options: Performance

Kiosk Data Refresh

Default: Automatically sync every hour

Every time you enter Kiosk Mode or The Administrative Interface, data is loaded from the remote database into local memory. This decreases the number of calls to the database and greatly increases the real-time performance of the kiosk.

The trade-off for this performance increase is that data on each kiosk can become 'out-of-sync' with data on other kiosks until the next data refresh.

Use this setting to specify how often the data on this kiosk should be refreshed.

Keep Kiosks in Sync (System wide)

Default: No

The Kiosk Data Refresh option controls how frequently data is automatically refreshed on each Kiosk on a regular basis. However, there may be times when an immediate update needs to be made to all the kiosks. This can happen when critical data is changed in a profile such as a person's name, PIN, allergies, medical needs, special instructions, bar codes, or fingerprints.

Turn this option on to signal all kiosks to automatically refresh their data whenever critical data is changed on any kiosk. This will keep data between kiosks in sync but may slow overall performance.

Use Database Time and Date (System wide)

Default: No

Data transactions that occur throughout the Elexio Check-In application contain date and time information. You can ensure that the date and time are the same from computer to computer by synchronizing them with the database server.

Turning this option on will keep dates and times in sync but will slightly decrease network performance. If you are running a slower network connection, try turning this option off to increase performance.

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