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Last Updated: 7/17/13

Administration Overview

The Administration screen is the place to manage all the supporting information required to run the program.  The People screens allow you to work with individuals, but the Administration screens allow you to work with groups and church-wide programs like Ministries, Groups, and Classes.  It is important to enter as much applicable information as possible in the Administration screen to ensure efficient operation of the software and effective reporting and communications.

The Administration screen has the following links:

  • Weekly Stats - Enter the total attendance and offering numbers here for each week

  • Groups - Set up and track Small Group and Sunday school class information

  • Classes - Set up Classes that your church offers

  • Ministries - Set up Ministry Teams and manage them on this screen

  • Services - Manage worship Services and Sunday morning children's classes

  • Mailing Lists - Create mailing lists

  • Letters - Setup Automated Follow Up Letters

  • Automated Email - Setup Automated Email messages and attach reports or files

  • Codes - Customize and edit many of the Codes found in drop down boxes throughout Elexio Database

There is a Common Tasks button at the  top left side of each screen.  These drop down options change depending on what screen you are on and what capabilities you have on that specific screen.  The Common Tasks button also provides you with a list of quick links to take you to specific reports and/or screens that are pertinent to the data you are working with.

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