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Last Updated: 3/8/15

Weekly Stats - Attendance & Offering

The Weekly Stats section allows you to track Total Attendance and Offering for each Sunday.  It's designed for quickly entering a few total numbers based on head count.  You can also track subsets of the total in the Attendance Detail section.

NOTE: If you are tracking individual attendance and contributions, You can quickly fill in this screen each week by clicking on Common Tasks, Import Attendance Data from Individual Events for this Week.   This will add up all the individual attendance and contribution records and enter the totals for you.  You may need to edit the numbers as appropriate since you will NEVER get a 100% accurate list of people every week, especially for adults in larger growing churches where you don't know everyone.  Most churches don't even try to keep individual attendance records for adults and that's a main reason why this section exists in our software.

On the left you'll see a list of all the Sunday dates for the current year.  You will automatically be positioned to last Sunday's date.

The dates in the list represent the entire week (Monday-Sunday).  

Total Attendance:  You can enter the total number of people that attended all services in this field.  It is important that you are consistent so your comparison reports are accurate.  We recommend that you add up the total number that attended all your weekend services at all campuses including adults and children.   Don't worry about double counting people who attend or serve at multiple services.  It will become impossible to get a unique count of people as your church grows anyway.  The important thing is to be consistent in how you count so that your reports will be consistent. 

Total Offering:  Enter the total amount of offering that you collected from all your weekend services at all campuses. This field can include the total amount given to the general fund or all funds.  Be consistent so your comparison reports are accurate. For example if you want your weekly total offering amount to only reflect the amount collected for the general fund during services for a given Sunday, put that note in the Comments Field. Track the totals for different Services or Events in the Attendance details section at the bottom.  Remember this field can be  auto-filled when the Import Attendance Data from Individual Events for this Week is selected under Common Tasks.

Comments:  Record any desired comments here.  This field can be used for anything but here's some suggestions: 

  • the names of the Attendance and Offering counters,
  • special notes like "Attendance was low due to the Labor Day holiday weekend”or due to bad weather
  • and/or to track speakers and sermon titles.

Attendance Details: This section allows you to record subsets of attendance and offering for each week.   For example, maybe you want to have a total count for each campus or each department.   You can track whatever segment you like, but you must have an event setup on the calendar in the Events section before you can record a total attendance number for it.  Click on Add New to enter attendance manually or go to Common Tasks - Import Attendance Data from Individual Events for this Week.  


  • Only Services, Groups, Classes, Ministries and Events which are on the Calendar in the Events section of Database may have a total attendance number added on the Weekly Stats screen.

  • The Total Attendance field at the top of the screen does NOT have to match the Total at the bottom of the screen under the Attendance Detail grid. Why?   Because you may not care about tracking all the details.  You may only want some of them or you may want to breakdown the attendance in different redundant ways so you look at various attendance trends. 

  • For fast data entry use the auto-import feature under Common Tasks.  This grabs both individual attendance AND contribution records and totals them for you.  Obviously you need to make sure all the individual records have been entered first BEFORE auto-importing the data.   You can always re-run the auto-import but it will remove ALL the old data for that week currently showing on your screen and re-insert fresh totals.   You can manually changed any of the data after it has been auto-imported if desired.
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