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Last Updated: 12/16/14

Mailing Lists

Elexio Database is much more than a repository of information about your church.  It is a powerful communications tool as well.  The Mailing Lists link is where you can create an unlimited number of lists.

Generally, you don't want to use a mailing list for anything that would be better handled as a ministry team, small group, class, etc. See Defining Small Groups, Classes, Ministries and Services.

You can create an unlimited number of lists of people that you may need to track and/or communicate with via postal mail and email.  Select Add a New Mailing List from the Common Tasks Button located on the left of the screen.  Type a name for the list in the List Name box.  Make sure the Active box is checked so that the list will appear in drop down boxes throughout the program.  If you don’t want a list to show up in other drop down boxes, (such as the Send Mass Email screen) uncheck the Active box.

You can enter a brief description of what the list is about in the field called description.  This definition will appear on the Reports screen as well as the Send Mass Email screen.

You also have the option to Publish or Edit Online.  If you check to Publish Online, the people who login to your church's Elexio Database Online site will be able to see if they are part of this specific mailing list.  If you check to Edit Online you have allowed Portal users to add or remove themselves from this mailing list.

You can add individuals to the mailing list either from People - Involvement screen or using the Group Action Wizard.  Click on the Common Task button called "Maintain People On This List".

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