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Last Updated: 12/16/14


On this screen, enter all the applicable information about your church's worship services and/or any other segment of a service you would like to track.

For information on how Database handles Services as opposed to Small Groups, Classes or Ministries, see Defining Classes, Small Groups, Ministries, Services, Mailing Lists, and Events.

To add a new service, just select  the Add New Service link under the Common Tasks Button to the left.

Name: Enter the name of the Service.

Status: Select Active or Inactive. Make sure the Service is marked Active if the service is still held on a regular basis. It is not recommended that you delete services for which you have recorded attendance.  To remove the service from your drop-down menus without deleting your historical attendance records, make the service inactive in the status box.

Description: Write a brief description of the event.

Sort Order: You will want to assign a sort order to your services starting with number 1. 

Type: Assign a specific type to the event.

These services are used on the Administration screen on the Attendance & Offering link and also on the People screen on the Attendance/Events link.

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