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Last Updated: 9/27/13

Automated Processes Overview

One of the most powerful features of Elexio Database is contained on the Automated Processes screen. With the click of a single button, you can send Automated Mass Emails with report and file attachments, print reports for distribution to church leaders, and communicate with people in the church.

Most churches use some type of welcome card at their weekend services to gather information about the people who attend and provide a means of communication for them to let pastors know their needs. Someone on your staff or a volunteer will need to make a weekly commitment to entering all the data from those cards into the  Elexio Database.  You will also want to enter contribution data and information from your children's ministry like attendance and/or registration of new children.

Once the data has been entered, use the Automated Processes to communicate with those who have requested information,

as well as those to whom follow-up responsibilities have been assigned.  From the Elexio Database Main Toolbar, click on the Automation link.

Select a Print Date or Sunday to Process

There is a drop down box at the top of the screen that allows you to Select a Date to Process Automated Reports and Emails.  The default is the previous Sunday’s date.  This box allows you to base all your auto reports and auto email lists on a different week than the current one.

To print all selected auto-reports and send all selected auto-emails right away, press the button called Process Reports and Emails at the top of the screen.

  • Auto Emails - Examples of Automated Emails that are already set up in Elexio Database that can be customized by your church and used right away.

  • Auto Reports - Reports that you select to be included in the Automated Process to make printing on a regular basis quick and easy.These reports will be sent directly to your default printer. Make sure before printing, that you have your desired printer set as the default.

There is also a radio button you can use to send the emails later at a scheduled time.
When you click on that you can schedule your emails anytime in the future. Select your date and time and then 'Process Reports & Emails." The future emails that will be processed will show up on the screen to the right of your time. Click on that to see the emails that are scheduled.

After you run Automated Processes you will see a Summary screen that displays what emails and reports that were sent. If there are any errors, they will be shown in the status and then the message will give further details.. If any of the automated emails have failed to send, you may run the process again when the data that was causing the failure has been corrected.


To view your sent automated emails, go to the Communications screen.


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