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Last Updated: 9/27/13

Pre-Created Automated Emails

There are several Automated Emails that are already set up for you.  You will want to change the message so it is your church's own wording and contact information.  If you are not going to be using one of the automated emails, we recommend that you uncheck the Active box so that it is not accidently included in the Automated Processes.  You can create more Auto Emails from the Administration page on the Automated Email link.

Here is a short list of examples that can be emailed with the click of a button:

  1. Attenders - First Time Last Sunday: Send an email to all first time guests thanking them for coming and offering further information.

  2. Attenders - Second Time Last Sunday: Send an email to all second time guests from the Senior Pastor that relays a warmer feel and an update on current events at the church.

  3. Attenders - Third Time Last Sunday: Send an email to all third-time guests from the ministry pastor that informs guests of ministries available to serve them or in which they may choose to serve.  A current list of ministries & leaders is generated from the database and attached to the email.  

    • Attached Report:  R1339 Ministry Team List with Follow Up Coordinator and Description

  4. Attenders - Fourth Time Last Sunday: Send an email to all fourth time guests from the membership pastor inviting them to a small group.  A list of all current open groups with contact information is generated from the database and attached.

    • Attached Report:  R1286 Small Groups List of All Open Groups

  5. Ministry Interest:  Everyone who indicated interest in serving in a particular ministry (for example: greeters)  is sent more information about that particular ministry.

    • Attached file with brochure or information flyer about specific ministry

  6. Follow Up Report to follow Up Coordinator:  Every Follow Up Coordinator & Leader of a Ministry Team for which people indicated an interest in serving is sent a report with a list of those people’s names and contact information so that the Ministry Team Follow Up Coordinator can follow up with them. This is indicated on the People screen - Involvement link - Ministry Team Involved As is Interested.  

    • Attached report: Ministry Team Follow Up Report

  7. Follow Up Report for Assigned Tasks:  Anyone assigned an active follow-up task receives a list of the tasks assigned only to them, not to others.

    • Attached report:  Follow Up - Assigned Tasks - R1020

  8. Follow Up Report to Small Group Leaders:  Every Small Group Leader is sent a list of people who are marked as 'interested' in joining their small group. (This is indicated on the People screen/Involvement area, where the Small group Involved As column is marked as Interested. The report includes a list of those people’s names and contact information so that the Small Group Leader can follow up with them.

    • Attached report:  Small Groups Follow Up Report

  9. Prayer List to Prayer Ministry Team:  An active Non-confidential Prayer List is generated and sent to the Volunteer Prayer Ministry Team.

    • Attached report: Prayer Requests - Non-Confidential

  10. Prayer List to Staff:  A Confidential Prayer List is generated and sent to all staff members.

    • Attached report:  Prayer Requests - Active

  11. Weekly Vital Stats Report:  Key statistical reports are sent to selected pastoral staff members.

    • Attached report:  Vital Stats - R1021

Depending on your church’s size and the number of welcome cards you get each week, you may generate more than 100 emails every week.  This feature will only grow more powerful as your church grows.

To send these emails, go to the Automated Processes, select the ones to send by checking the box in front of each list, then click on the Process Email Only link under the Common Tasks Button.

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