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Last Updated: 11/5/14

Communication: FAQ


What happened to Copy and Paste?

 ^ We added it back to the editor toolbar for the 11/4 release

You can also use Control + C and Control + V to copy and paste. If you use a Mac, it's Command + C and Command + V.

We also added a Paste as Text button (far right) to allow you to paste content from outside sources without bringing over formatting or hidden html.

When we paste from Word or another outside source, the formatting gets messed up. Is there any way to adjust it?

When you copy/paste from an outside source such as Microsoft Word, it often brings in hidden html formatting that can make your content appear unlike you desire. It can also cause your email to appear incorrectly on the variety of devices in which it will be opened. 

The best way is to use our Paste as Text button. Doing so will remove any hidden html formatting. You can also copy/paste your content into Notepad if you're on a PC or TextEdit if you're on a Mac. Then copy the content out of Notepad/TextEdit and paste it into your email.

While you may have a little formatting to do, it should automatically inherit the default email styles ensure that your email will look good on any device on which it's opened. (Note: We do plan to add a paste tool in a future version).

Can I Spell Check?

Our team is currently trying to determine what is the best course of action for implementing spell check going forward. It may be added in an upcoming release.

Can I change the font type?

There are a very limited number of fonts installed on all devices or mail systems. Therefore, to ensure your emails look great wherever they're viewed, we've not included the ability to change the font style within Elexio's provided email designs. Our designers have carefully pre-selected styles that we feel will make your emails look modern and professional. We believe remaining within those boundaries will give your audience the best overall experience.

Should you still wish to change the font styles, you can create a copy of one of our designs then view/modify the HTML that controls font style. (See Managing Designs). Please be aware, Elexio does not provide support or training on HTML. We would strongly recommend that only users experienced with HTML pursue changes such as these. For more on this subject, please see Editing HTML.

People are reporting my emails don't look correct.

The most common cause of an email looking different/poor when its received is because email body content was copied/pasted from an outside source, such as Microsoft word. When you copy/paste content into an email from an outside source it often brings over hidden HTML formatting so that none of your styling is lost. The problem this may cause is that your email might appear different or poorly on various screen sizes or software platforms. HTML used to style emails is very different than HTML used to style text documents. Depending on what system and device your email is being opened with, spacing could be lost, fonts may not load correctly, and so on.

To ensure your emails look great wherever they're viewed, use our Paste as Text tool (the clipboard with “T” icon) when you need to copy/paste content from an outside source. Doing so will remove any hidden HTML and your text will inherit the default styles of the email design you’ve chosen. You may need to re-do a little formatting, but the extra effort will be well worth your time.

Can I/How do I edit the footer content?

According to the Can-Spam act, the footer of an email must contain three items: the address of the sending organization, an opt-out link, and a Permission Statement (intended to inform the recipient 'why' they're receiving this email). To ensure emails sent from Elexio's servers remain compliant, the Permission Statement ("You are receiving this email…") is the only area we've made editable using our simple editor.

The opt-out text can be changed by selecting the "Design Elements" tab, then modifying the text within the "Default Opt Out Text" area.

The mailing address pulls it's information directly from the Database Home/Options/Church Info screen. Should you wish to manually change or add to this area, under Manage Designs, you will need to edit the design HTML. (See Managing Designs). Please be aware, Elexio does not provide support or training on HTML. We would strongly recommend that only users experienced with HTML pursue changes such as these. For more on this subject, please see Editing HTML.

What's going on with Mail Options?

The Mail Option screen now only controls the sending address for Automated Email. The ability to change the sender for Mass Email has been moved to the Communication screen. Use My Server Options is no longer a feature - our System Server is the only option.

Can Sent Items data be exported to an Excel file or is there a report to review the Sent Items stats?

Most of the information can be exported. To do this, expand the details for a sent message, right-click, select  print, then click the drop down next to export document, to export the sent details to an excel file.

Can we get back the old Mail Queue information that was lost during the change?

This content did not come over with the new Communication screen based on the very limited information it contained. It was not compatible with the data in the new screen.

However, if you really want this information, you can send us a request and it can be put into into an Excel spreadsheet and emailed to you. Please be aware that it will not contain the same data as the new Communication screen.

Any particular reason $$ signs are used when inserting a field and not [ ] ?

These are needed by our new proprietary editing engine. These fields must have "$$" on either end for them to function properly. Be careful that you do not accidentally delete one of the "$" after inserting a field.

Scheduled Email - What's the difference between View and Edit?

View will allow you to "view" the content of an email scheduled by the individual or others based on security role settings. Edit will cause you to reset the "scheduled" date and time if you select Yes to the prompt.

Timestamp shows the delivery time of the email vs. when it was read. Can this be changed?

It shows the first time the email was viewed, including previewing First Read information.

If an email is scheduled, using a specific criteria in the To field, will new people added be automatically added to the scheduled email? 

Ex. Scheduled an email on Thurs. to send on Tues. to everyone that's in the 20's Age Group and I add 6 new people to the database that meet that criteria on Mon

Not at this time. This could be rather complex to implement, but we may add it in a forthcoming release.

Why doesn't the email I sent say "on behalf of"?

When recipients view the email, it may say that it has been sent "on behalf of" someone else. This all depends on the mail client or provider the recipient uses.

Why does the "From" address look weird to some recipients?

This may occur when a user changes the From email information to send an email on “behalf” of someone else. According to our testing, the From address usually only appears unusually when emails are viewed in Microsoft Outlook. 

As far as we have tested, Gmail, AOL, Me, Elexio and Yahoo accounts all display just the name (that was in the name field) and the From email address in all mail clients other than Outlook. There may be other mail services that this happens in, but at this time we are not aware of them. 

Duplicate Messages?

We sent a newsletter and duplicate emails were sent to family email addresses. Why is that? The old screen used to only send one email per email address unless the email was personalized and then it sent to one per person regardless of email address.

The Recipients will be anyone that matches the criteria set on the Email Preview screen. By default it is set to “send to default email addresses only”.  This includes the Family Email if there isn’t a primary email for an individual (primary can also be the Family Email).

If the user leaves the default options selected AND checks the Send to household head & spouse box it will eliminate the duplicates.

Mass Email not sending from Yahoo and AOL email addresses.

This is due to changes in Yahoo and AOL's DMARC policies. Please take a look at our article about this for more information.

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