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Last Updated: 10/20/14

PIN email

You can use the Mass Email feature to notify your congregation of their PIN for Elexio Check-In.

To do so:

  1. Go to the Communication screen.

  2. Click the To button; select your recipients based on the criteria you want (General, Event, Custom search). Select the Specific List (whatever your criteria is for notifying of their PIN). Click OK.

  3. Type your Subject: (example) Elexio Check-In PIN.

  4. Type your Message. The critical part is to insert Check-In PIN mail merge field from the drop down menu. Make sure it appears as shown in the sample below.  

    In order for you to quickly and easily check into our new Kiosk system, we have issued you a PIN to use.  After you have entered your name into the Kiosk, you will be prompted for a PIN which is listed below.  This PIN will give you access to your entire family once you login to the Kiosk.  

    PIN:  $$CheckInPIN$$

    Your Church

  5. Click the Review/Send button.  Then click Send Now at the bottom.

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