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Last Updated: 10/6/14

Sending Options

Communication tab:

  • "Send to Household Heads and Spouse of Heads Only"

    Under: Review/Send > Email Preview. Checking this option will only allow emails to be sent to any Household Heads and their spouses on the mailing list. Any individual on the mailing who is not a Household Head or spouse of one will not receive the message (Ex. those listed as children). This is great for communicating with parents. 

  • "Allow multiple emails to the same address"
    Checking this option will allow multiple copies of your email to the same address. This means that when someone reviews their shared family email account, they will see multiple copies of the email addressed to each person who shares that address.

  • "Send to default email addresses only"
    Checking this option will only allow emails to be sent the addresses that are listed as "default" (primary) on your recipients' accounts.

  • "Send to all recipient email addresses"
    Checking this option will allow emails to be sent to all email addresses listed for all of your recipients.

"Insert Field"

You have the ability to personalize your messages with any greeting you want using the mail merge fields such as, [First Name], Hey [Goes By Name], or Dear [First Name], 


When you have finished setting up your mass email, click on the button that says Review/Send.

You will then be able to see the email addresses that the email will be sent to and be able to un-select any by un-checking the box beside the email address. You can choose to Send a Single Test Email, Send Now or schedule it to Send Later. 

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