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Last Updated: 10/10/14

Sent Items / Scheduled

The Mail Queue is now the "Scheduled" and "Sent Items" tabs to the right side of the Email window below the "Create Message" tab. On the "Sent Items" tab, you will find a history of your mass email as well as any problems that might have occurred. Use the date filter boxes to limit your email list.  Click on the + to the the left of the job and you will see the recipients appear below in the lower half of the screen with the completed checked or an error message as to why it didn't go out. You can click on the column header and sort the list by a specific field.

When accessing Sent Items, users can see what was sent by them (as themselves or on behalf of others) and what was sent on their behalf by others. By default, an administrator can see all messages that have been sent by all users. You can control whether a user can View All Emails by adjusting that security setting.

The Sent Items tab shows a lot of helpful information about your email. In addition to displaying the information that used to be in the Mail Queue, it also shows some new fields, including Read statistics. You now have the option to view First Read and Last Read stats for your messages right on the Communication screen.

Please note that Read statistics are not guaranteed to be 100% accurate.

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