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Last Updated: 12/9/14

Communication: Facebook & Twitter

Please Note: These Social Media features are NOT available in our Mac solution.

Use the Facebook and Twitter areas on the Communication screen to access your Facebook and Twitter accounts within Database. These features are designed to allow you to quickly and easily post church-relevant information to Social Media from Database. The first time you access either of the screens, you'll need to log into your Facebook or Twitter account (even if you are already logged in via web browser). If you check the "Keep me logged in" or "Remember me" boxes, Database will remember your credentials and keep you logged into your account(s) from then on. If you close Database and re-open it, Facebook and/or Twitter will still be logged-in.

Please note, if "Keep me logged in" or "Remember me" is checked, the login is tied to the computer and not to the Database account that is being used. This means that one user can log out of Database, another can log in on the same computer, and still have access to the social media account(s) that had been activated by the other user.

With this in mind, we recommend only logging in with the church's Facebook or Twitter accounts. However, if you do use personal accounts, make sure that "Keep me logged in" or "Remember me" are not checked and/or ensure that you log out from Facebook and/or Twitter before you close Database.

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