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Last Updated: 12/9/14

Communication: SMS

We have added a mass texting (SMS) feature to the Communication screen. We've made it very easy for you to text groups of people in your church all at once. Just compose your text, choose the group(s) you want it to go to, and send it. You can track all the messages that you have sent so far as well as set up scheduled text messages to be sent later. 

Check out our main Article on SMS Texting for some general information about our texting system.

Create Message

Composing a text message via the Communication screen is very similar to composing an email. The main differences are that you cannot style or apply designs to a text message and you are limited to 160 characters.

Another difference is that you are not allowed to select from where the message is sent. All SMS Messages sent with Elexio software will come from "30131" (sometimes rendered at "301-01").


Selecting the recipients for a text message is identical to selecting recipients for email. Read about selecting recipients for email: 

Insert Merge Field

Inserting Merge Fields in a text message is identical to inserting them in email. Just like with email, inserting merge fields will pull database information for use in your text.

Compress URLs

Texts are limited to 160 characters. in order to conserve space, you can use the Compress URLs button to shrink any URLs enclosed in your message.

Sent Items and Scheduled

The Sent items & Scheduled tabs of the SMS area function similarly to those in the Email area. However, there are a few exceptions.

  • No View Link : This is because the actual message is shown in the Message Area
  • No Subject: Texts don't have subject lines
  • No Read stats

Other than that, the screens are essentially identical. You can read more about the email versions of these screens here:

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