Year End Giving:

Why is a statement not appearing for a person who has contributions?

  • In the People section on the General tab, check the person's Family Position. If the family position is <Unknown> or Child, they will not receive a contribution statement. Simply change the family position to Head of Household, Spouse of Head.

    (Note: if a child is set to have their contributions tracked separately from the household, they will receive their own contribution statement).

Can I mass email contribution statements?

  • You can email a contribution statement to one individual, but our software does not allow for mass email of contribution statements for security reasons. 

    Our recommended option is for church donors to print their yearly contribution statements within ELEXIO Portal. There, they can also opt-out of printed statements. For more, see Opting out of Printed Statements.

    How to email a contribution statement to an individual:
    1. Select the Report Contribution Statements - R1300.
    2. Select the Report Filter tab
    3. Next to Contributors to include, check the 'selected' radio button.
    4. Hover your mouse over the list of people shown, right click, and select Clear All
    5. In the text area provided, type out the name of the person you're looking for. Check off the checkbox next to their name and click Run Report.
    6. In the header of the report that appears, click the Send via Email button. 

We're a multi-campus church. How do I print statements per campus?

  • Within R1300, select the Report Filter tab, the switch the Campuses to include radio button to selected. A series of checkboxes will appear for each campus. For more, see Multi-Campus Giving.

Can I customize the layout or font of Contribution Statement R1300?

  • The overall layout and font style/size of R1300 cannot be changed. (Ex: Pledges will always appear beneath the "Donations" section). That said, you can customize some things, like the contribution statement name, as well as the text that appears in the footer. (See Modifying Footer Content).

    While our pre-created contribution statement reports fit most churches' needs, we understand there may not be a one-size fits all report. In unique situations like these, we recommend exporting your contribution data into Excel and performing a mail-merge into a document formatted exactly to your needs. "Contributions and Pledges Summary - FCR3302" would likely be the best report to export your data within.



How do I handle pre-paid pledges?

  • Our pledge reports (ex: R1330 & R1331) and contribution statement report (R1300) DO allow you to include contributions made before the pledge date range.

  • Note: On the People/Contributions Screen, donations made towards a pledge will NOT be included if they're outside the date range. Should you wish to include pledges paid prior to the pledge start date, we suggest you change the date range to an earlier date for any individuals who choose to pre-pay. As a potential future enhancement, we'll consider adding a toggle button or other type of methodology so that on the Contributions tab, you can see both donations made inside/outside the selected date range.

    More on Pledges


I do not see a Giving tab on the Portal site. Why?


Who Opted Out Of A Printed Statement?

  • You can use reports FCR 3101, 3301, and 3302 and add the field  "Print Statement?' which would allow you to filter by people who have opted out of a printed statement.

Canadian Churches: How to add the required nomenclature

  • You can modify the footer content in R1300 to contain whatever you wish. Typically, this is sufficient to satisfy all Canadian contribution statement requirements. See How to modify footer content.


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