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 Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Data Conversion

Elexio's Data Conversion Utility allows you to import your initial data into Elexio Database based on the specific source of your existing data. Currently you can convert from Excel spreadsheets (people/demographics, contributions and notes) that you populate by exporting data from your current database and copying it to an Excel template. This process wipes out any and all data you may have in your Elexio Database for testing purposes, so it is only for initial conversion. You can't add additional data in later.

Overall Process

Step 1 - Planning

Converting your data accurately is vital for both initial and long-term success with Elexio Database. Even with a simple conversion it's important to thoughtfully review your data before the conversion and consider how it will 'fit' into Elexio Database and be used in the future. We're excited to help you in this process, so please take time to review our Tips for a Successful Data Conversion before you jump in.

(If you are going to be set up with offline access you must wait to request offline set up until your data conversion is complete. If offline access has already been set up, please let us know so we can reverse it so the tool will work.)

The Data Conversion Utility runs in Windows 7 and higher only. 

Step 2 - Get your existing data

You will export your data into .csv files or spreadsheet files with unique data ID numbers in each one. You will change and update your data into Elexio format. Then you will copy and paste the data into our spreadsheet template file. 

Step 3 - Run the conversion

You will find a download link and instructions for downloading and running the Data Conversion Utility windows application by clicking the Spreadsheet Guide menu on the left and then clicking "Running the Conversion." You will upload your template into the software on your Windows computer and it will convert it into your Elexio Database. 

Step 4 - Check, correct and re-import as needed

After your data is initially converted our Post-Conversion checklist will help you make sure everything was converted correctly. It's common to make some adjustments and re-run the conversion until it's just right.

Step 5 - Have your data reviewed by an Elexio data specialist

Once you have run your conversion, we highly recommend that you send your data to us so that we can review it before you begin making changes in your database. We want see that you get started on the right path and we have found that having an Elexio data conversion specialist do a quick review of your data can go a long way in helping you avoid future problems.

When you are ready for us to review your data, please open a support request to let us know that you are ready and we will send you instructions on how to securely send your data to us. You can open a support request by simply emailing support@elexio.com.

Step 6 - Begin using your Elexio database!

Congratulations!  You are done with your DIY data conversion.  We trust that your Elexio Database will be a tool that will serve you and your church well for many years to come.

Guides for specific data sources

  • Spreadsheet data
    • Data Included: demographics, contributions, notes
    • Data not included: photos, barcodes, pledges, groups, mailing lists, attendance.
  • Fellowship One and others coming soon...
  • Don't see your source listed? The Spreadsheet option can be used with any existing database. You will just have to extract your current data (through reports or through your vendor) into spreadsheet format and then copy it into the spreadsheet template in the appropriate columns. 


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