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Last Updated: 1/6/15

Event Management FAQ


1. Why am I unable to post attendance?

With the role out of the new Event Management system, you MUST have an event on the calendar in order to post attendance. You can set these events as recurring events so you don't have to add them weekly. Please check the Database calendar to ensure there's an event on the calendar for the attendance you are trying to post

2. Why can't I see my Database events in Elexio Website?
By default, your Amp products are not integrated. This is to ensure a smooth implementation process, since it is likely there will be separate personnel working in Website and Database. Before events created in Database will display in Website, you will need to have them integrated. Here is a help article that will explain the changes that will come with integration: http://help.elexioamp.com/website/misc/integrating-your-amp-database-database
Once you read and understand the changes, let us know that you are ready to integrate. After this is completed there are still several steps that must be completed in order for events to show in Website. We explain these steps, in detail in the following help articles: http://help.elexioamp.com/database/events/integration/website

How do we set up events with multi-level pricing - i.e. Early Regis. $xx.xx, Reg. Regis. $xx.xx and Late Regis. $xx.xx?

At this time, only 1 cost is permitted for an event. However, you can change the cost at anytime. You can also document the pricing information in the Description box on the What tab of the event that will be visible to the individual on their Portal log in.

If someone pays for the event at the lower price, the new cost will be reflected on their Portal > Events page and their original Paid amount will also be reflected w/ a note that they have already registered.  This is what it will look like in Portal (formatting is not exact):

4. Why do my events show up with the time listed twice in the event name when trying to update attendance in the GAW?

If the time was included in the name of the event (Administration > Services/etc.) it will now appear twice due to the time also being necessary on the When tab when the event is added to the calendar.  You can edit the name of the event in Administration.  

With the new EMS, you  only need 1 event & you would use that event to create different versions.

Example - Adding a new Nursery event: Create a New Event while Nursery is selected. On the What tab, you can overwrite or add to the existing name - Nursery 1 (birth - 6 mos). This will also keep the Event list on reports cleaner. 

5. Are Reminder emails required? Or can they be turned off?

You can control the reminder emails for Attending and Serving.  Open the event, click on the Attending or Serving tab, select "Reminder Email Rules" button and set reminder.  If you choose to never send email reminders you will need to make sure the white box is also blank.  By default, all events are set up with a 2 day email reminder.  

Note: Reminder Emails only apply to Confirmed Status that were Invited to the event through an Email Invitation.  Also, any changes made to the reminder setting applies to that event only. 

6. Why is the report I used/saved previously no longer working?

There have been several changes to the reports section with the release of the new Event Management system. Here is a link that will outline the changes: http://help.elexioamp.com/database/events/tools/reports

7. Why is there no drop down list for the Owner field on the What tab?

This field is determined by the profiles in Elexio Database that have Staff Members identified.  If your Owner list is blank or a name is missing, go to: People > search for the Staff Members profile > place a Check in the Staff Member box (this is located right above the Status History box on the General Info tab).  Once this is done & saved, the name(s) should show up in the Owner drop down list. 

8. Why can't I access the GAW from the Admin > SG/MT, etc. page?

The GAW is now accessed from the Home screen > Quick Links > Enter Attendance Detail.  It is no longer available through the Administration tab.  

9. Why do I have to log out of Elexio Database to see individuals added to Ministry Team & Small Group lists?

You can actually see this information by simply "refreshing" the page that the individual was added to (i.e. Administration > Ministries page, Involvement page, etc.) and then "refreshing" the Events tab (event must be closed).  This will reload the Household Directories allowing you to see the individuals added.

10. Why can't I see a new person added to the People screen or a new Ministry Involvement when I go to an Event in Database?

This could be due to the way Database saves/refreshes the data.  A good practice would be to Refresh the data on the page you added it and the Refresh the Events tab.  This can be done by clicking on the Refresh button located to the right of the Home icon.

11. When I click on View Details in a Serving email, nothing happens. Am I doing something wrong?

Currently, there is an issue with Mac Mail in OSX Yosemite that prevents this button from working properly. At this time, please right click & copy the link to open it in a browser.

12. Our church is multi-campus. Can I see and register for events that are happening on other campuses?

For the January 2015 release, we have added campus locations for each event. See example below.

Any event for which a user is eligible will appear in their events list, regardless of campus. Clicking the location hyperlink will show the campus address in Google maps.*

*note - for the campus address to display in Google maps (for non-main campus events) you will need to have the campus name and address set up as an Offsite Location WITHOUT a room selected for that campus.  A modification to this feature will be in a future release.

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