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Last Updated: 12/10/14

Event Management

Q: What should I do to get started using Events?

  • If you are an Administrator for your organization, take a look at our Transition steps for Administrators. There are a few things that are beneficial to address before your church jumps into creating and using new events.

  • For everybody else, look at Quick Start Event Management or any of the Help topics on the left side this screen.

Q: What's under the Events tab?

The Events Tab has two main components:

  • The Events Calendar - Learn more at the Calendar help page.
  • The Events Wizard - Learn more at the Events Wizard Help pages.

  • All events that appear in Portal, Elexio Mobile, Elexio Website AND Elexio Check-In are controlled from the Events Tab of Elexio Database. For more information, take a look at the Events Wizard Help pages.

  • As a result of this, there is no event manager section in Elexio Check-In. The event options that were once controlled in Elexio Check-In are now accessible in Database only. Get more information here.

  • In the past, attendance data used to be recorded without being linked to specific calendar events. All attendance data is now be linked to an event scheduled on the calendar.  This applies to both the Administration--Weekly Stats and People-Attendance & Events screens.

  • Even old data can be viewed on the Events tab by looking at the calendar. 

  • We have many Attendance & Event Reports. Any Event-related Custom Searches should be recreated using FCR3212 (or other Event reports). Learn more 
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