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Last Updated: 10/8/14

Using Events in Mobile & Check-In

Familiarize yourself with how to setup a general event here

Check In is the tab in the Database Event Wizard that allows you to "turn on" check in using Elexio Check-In and Elexio Mobile.  Just check the boxes that say "Use this event with Elexio Check-In" and "Use this event with mobile check-in (Elexio Mobile)".  (If your church doesn't have Elexio Check-In, you'll see some encouragement to add it!  ;-) )This will expand the options for check-in. From this section you can modify check-in and check-out options.  Learn more

Elexio Check-In Reports

All event and attendance reporting is done in Elexio Database. It has been completely removed from Elexio Check-In. See Event and Attendance Reporting for more details.

Checking-in to the Events you create for Elexio Check-In

Check the box that says "Use this event with Elexio Check-In". The events you create in the Event Wizard will show up in Elexio Check-In just like your Check-In events always have. Check into these events as normal, and attendance data will be saved to Database just like it always has.

Checking-in to Elexio Check-In Events with Elexio Mobile

Check the box that says "Use this event with Mobile Check in (Elexio Mobile). The event will appear for check-in in Elexio Mobile for anyone eligible. Users just need to open the application, tap Check-In, their name(s), and the event they want to check into. Depending on how the event is set up, that might be all they need to do. If you check the option to require check-in completion at a kiosk, those events will usually require them to scan a QR code when they get there.That will print their name tags and/or receipts. More information is available on the Mobile Check-In help page.

Also, please note: the only barcode scanner we currently support for this is the GoDex GS550 2D scanner (pictured below). The Honeywell scanners that we sold in the past will not work.


More info about Elexio Check-In's Mobile Check-In options.

Editing Check-In Events

Editing an event at a Kiosk from within Elexio Check-In is no longer an option. If you would like to modify event details, you must either open Database on the Kiosk or edit the event in Database running on another machine. We recommend that install Database on any machine where you might need to edit an event, manually override attendance data, or run a report (other than the Room Report). You might have a Welcome Center where it would be good to have a laptop or desktop with Database. 

To edit events on the spot at a kiosk: 

  • Click the lower left corner of the screen in Check-In
  • Enter the Master Kiosk passcode
  • Exit Check-In
  • Open Database from the Desktop
  • Make your changes on the Events tab and save
  • Open Check-In again
  • Proceed
  • Note: you will need to restart or refresh each Kiosk running Elexio Check-In to update it with the changes.  
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