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Last Updated: 2/27/14

Using Elexio Database Events in Portal

Display Database Events in Portal

Q: How do I setup an event so that someone can register for it in Portal?

Setting up an event for use in a Portal is just the same as setting up an event anywhere else.

Just make sure that you have the "Require registration for this event" box checked on the Attending tab

and that you check the Portal check box under "Promote this event on..." on the Publicity tab.

Registering for an Event Occurrence (one time event)

When you are eligible for an event occurrence, the event will appear under the Events tab in Portal. Under the Event's tab, there is a complete list of upcoming events for which you are eligible (even if you have registered as not going). 

Below each event you will see three buttons: Register, Maybe, Decline.

To Register for a one-time free event, click Register. This will open a window displaying your name and "yes" selected in green.  

Click 'Ok' at the bottom of the window to complete registration.

Note: If you select "Maybe" or "Decline" , you will not be taken to the second window but you will see this message appear in place of the buttons.

Once you have registered for the event, you will see the above message displayed below the event on the Events page.

You can always click "change" to modify your registration status.

Paid Events

NOTE:  You must have a merchant account setup in Elexio Database in order to allow people to pay for events online.  We use the same merchant account for online giving as the one for event payments.  Need help with this?  Click here. 

When you register for a paid event, you will be prompted to enter your payment information and pay for the event using a credit/debit card or eCheck. 

Registering for an Event Series (multi-day event)

When you register for a paid event, you will be given a list of the first 13 dates on which the event series will be held. You may choose to register for all dates, register for some dates, or register for one date. You may also mark yourself as a "maybe" or decline specific dates.


When you setup the event in Database, you were prompted on the Cost tab whether to charge for the whole series or per occurrence.  If the event is a one-time fee, then you will only be prompted for this once. If not, you will be charged on an occurrence-by-occurrence basis.

NOTE: Elexio charges the church a processing fee for each ticket sold for each person.  Your fees are displayed in Database when you setup the event.   We do not pass this charge on to the person registering so we recommend you include this charge in the price of the ticket. 

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