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Last Updated: 10/30/13

Using Database Calendar Events in Website

Displaying Database Events in the Elexio Website Calendar

If you're using Elexio CMS to manage your church website, you have the option to display calendar events from Database within the Website calendar block. If you are interested in purchasing the Elexio CMS tool for your website contact sales@elexio.com (NOTE: Even if you have an Elexio CMS Website, it and yourElexio Database are not integrated by default. Elexio must do this for you. For more, please seeIntegrating your database with your website). 

Step 1: In Database

The calendar will display all of the events from Elexio Database that you have selected to be promoted on Elexio Website.

This option is controlled from the Publicity tab in the Event Wizard.  Check the box to "Promote this event on . . . Elexio Website (church website)"

Publicity Tab

Step 2: In Website

To display these events, open the page on your church website that has your calendar.  Login to Website.  Click Change Content.  Select the calendar block.  Move "Elexio Database Events" from the available calendars list to the displayed calendars list in the calendar block editor.

As soon as you do this, new options will appear in Advanced Options

Calendar Advanced Options

Under Display Type (Tag) Settings, you have the option to control if event tags from Database will show in the calendar filter list. At right, you can make specific selections. 

Go ahead and save any changes and publish the page.  

Click Here for additional information on setting up Event "Tags" in Elexio Database. 

Event Links and Descriptions

To link an event to a promotional web page, add the URL (page address) to the Event's Publicity tab under "Use a special web page to promote this event...." On the Elexio Site, the event title will link to the URL you entered.  

If you are familiar with HTML code, you can use HTML in the What tab's Description area to style your description or include a link.

Online Event Registration

If your event requires registration, when you click on an event in the Website Calendar, the Register icon will appear at the bottom of the info box. Note: for this icon to appear, the event must also be set to be promoted in Portal.

Click the Register icon to be taken to the Portal registration screen for that event (below). (You will be asked to login to Portal if you aren't already. If you've never logged into Portal before, click Need an Account at the bottom of the login screen).

Linking Directly to the Event Registration Screen

For certain events, you may want to create a special promotional webpage and from that page, link directly to the registration screen (above). To find the URL that links to the registration screen, edit the event in Elexio Database and copy the URL that appears in the Publicity tab (below). 

NOTE: By default this URL links to Portal at elexioPortal.com. If you want to link to Portal embedded on your website, copy just the end of this URL and add it at the end of the URL where your Portal page is found.

(ex: www.yourdomain.com/Portal-page#Events-id=4401 ).


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