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Last Updated: 2/15/13

Creating multi-day events

When making a new event, like a conference or retreat, you may need it to take place over several days. To schedule a multi-day event, take the following steps:

Navigate to the When tabAll you need to do to make the event "multi-day" is to set the end date to a later day than the start date. See the example below.

There is also an option to remove the start and end times to make the event take the whole day. Just check the box next to "Make this an all day event".

Looking at the example shown below, the event will be scheduled on the calendar from 12AM on 2/1 to 11:59 PM on 2/3, with a two hour buffer before and after.

Make it a paid event with one time check-in and payment

To make your multi-day event a paid event, click on the Cost tab. Select the radio button next to "Yes, this event costs...per person". Enter a cost as desired.

Once we you have done this, using the examples above, you have set up an event lasting from 12AM on 2/1 to 11:59 PM on 2/3 costing 1 dollar per person.

Make it a paid event with check-ins and payments each day

On the When tab, under "How often should this event occur...", set the frequency to "Daily" and select Every 1 Day.

Go back to the Cost tab. You will now see a new option: "Yes, each occurrence costs...per person". If you set the cost to be charged per occurrence, attenders will have to check in and pay each day.

If you leave the cost setup as it was, attenders will be charged one time, but will be required to check in each day.

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