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Last Updated: 2/15/13

Setting up a new event quickly

To set up a basic event and put it on the calendar, you are only required to input information under the first three tabs of the Event Wizard: What, When and Where. You can come back later to invite people, set up serving positions, set up cost, etc.

On the What tab:

1. Choose the type of event you want to create. The default is just a generic Event not tied to a Small Group, Ministry, Class or Service.

2. Name the event and give it a description (optional)

On the When tab:

1. Choose a start and end date and time.

2. Add extra time for setup and tear down if necessary

On the Where tab:

1. Pick a room or offsite location for the event, add one if needed.

..and that's it.

Your event will appear on the calendar.

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