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Editing Existing Events

When you select a pre-existing event from the calendar to edit, you are given the choice to modify that specific occurrence of the event (just on that day) or the whole series (each time the event occurs).

Editing an Occurrence

Editing an occurrence will only affect the information for the event one time. All other times the event occurs will remain unchanged. When you select to edit an occurrence, the event editor will open and you will see the fields populated with the information pertaining to that event.

See: Event Creator

You will only be changing information pertaining to the event on the date you have selected. All other instances of the event will remain unchanged.

1. Click on the Event you want to edit on the calendar

2. If you created the event by the quick method, the next tab to input information on is the Attending tab.

Editing a Series

Editing the series will cause any changes you make to be applied each time the event is scheduled to occur.

When you select to edit a series, you will be reminded that you are working on a series by a yellow banner at the bottom of the editor. The banner says: Please note that approval requests for rooms and resources as well as invitations to serve will apply to this entire series of events. To change a specific event, simply edit that event occurrence.

On the When screen, you will see this message: This event series has occurrences with activity. Because of this, the only recurrence information that can be changed is  the 'Until' date.

Changing the 'Until' date will delete all future occurrences, invalidate invitations to attend or serve, and require the reapproval of rooms and resources. 

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