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Last Updated: 1/30/14

Adding (Scheduling) Volunteers

After you have followed the steps outlined on the Quickly Create Events page, navigate to the Serving Tab in the Event Wizard.

You can add Positions you need filled first OR you can add People who will be serving first.  Either way is fine.   To add People just click the button Add People to this List...


Add People to this List

You can search for people by name or based on criteria.  For example, just type "rick" and you'll see everyone in the database with "rick" mentioned in either their first or last name.   If you want to see a list of people that serve in a particular ministry, expand the criteria that says "...are in any of these ministries" and select the ministry you want.   When you see the person you want to select, double click on their name or click on the the arrow next to their name and they will be added to the list.  When you are finished selecting all the people, click OK.

Now assign a serving Position to each person.  A serving position must be assigned, to any names on the serving tab, before you Finish the event.

People can be added to serving positions within a Series or the individual occurrences.  If added to the series they can only be removed through the series.

You might need to create a new serving position if the one you want is not in the list.

Set up Serving Positions

You will likely need to set up some serving positions for your event before you can add all the people you need.

  • Click on "Edit Serving Positions"
  • Click on the "New" Button
  • Enter a name for the position, click Ok
  • Select the ministry with which the position is associated
  • Click Save

The position has now been added to the list of possible serving positions. You can always come back and edit the position details later by clicking Edit Serving Positions and selecting it from the drop-down list. Click New again to add another position.  If you don't see this option, it means your system admin has not granted you permission to Edit Positions.

Add Open Position

If you know the position that you need filled, but you don't know who is going to fill it, click this button to add a placeholder entry for the position you need. You can come back later and assign it to a specific person.

An open position (unassigned) can be added to a Series event.  When this is done, the position can only be removed from the series.  However, you can modify who will serve in the position in the series or through the individual occurrences.  This is beneficial when you have volunteers that won't serve weekly for the event/position.  

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