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Last Updated: 1/28/14

Quick Start Event Management

This page gives some brief information to help familiarize you with using the Events Calendar and Creating new events.

Viewing Events

Using the Events Calendar

The calendar functions much like any other digital calendar that you would use. You can toggle between day, week, and year views, and use filters to track down specific events. All events that you create appear on the calendar screen. They are color-coded based on the type of event. 


There are four ways to view the calendar:

Go to Today - this view displays just today's events (see above)

Day - this view displays all the events for the selected day (see above)

Week - this view displays all the events for the selected week 

Month - this view displays all the events for the selected month (see below)

  This little yellow arrow indicates that action is required from you.  Most likely you need to approve the use of a Room or Resource.  You should open these events right away and approve or deny the request.
  This little gray circle indicates a recurring event.

Rollover Menus

Menus like the one shown above will display on the calendar when you hover over an event. The menu displays the graphic for the event, the title, the time frame (including time for setup and tear down), the rooms needed, and the resources needed. 

Right Click and Printing Stats

By right clicking on an event on the calendar you are given the option to edit it, copy it, stop the series (if it is a recurring event), delete the event or print a Summary Event report. The report covers all of the tabs in the event wizard. See example shown below.

Creating Events

To set up a basic event and put it on the calendar, just click the Add New Event button at the top left of the screen.  You are only required to input information under the first three tabs of the Event Wizard: What, When and Where. You can come back later to invite people, schedule people to serve, add notes, set up cost, etc.

On the What tab:

1. Choose the type of event you want to create. 

2. Name the event and give it a description.

3. Assign an owner to the event. 
Note: The list of people that show up in this drop down box are Event Owners as indicated by a check box on their profile on the People screen.

4. Add any filter tags if desired.   You can create any tag you want for any purpose.  Just be wise about this.  For example, there's no need to create tags for every Small Group, Ministry, Class or Service.  Instead you should choose the Small Group or Ministry Team from the options in the Event Type list.  Tags provide extra control over what kind of events show up on the church calendar in Elexio Website.

On the When tab:

1. Choose a start and end date and time.

2. Add extra time for setup and tear down if necessary

3. Decide whether the event should recur and select weekly, monthly, yearly, etc.

On the Where tab:

1. Pick a Room or Offsite Location for the event. You can pick more than one room. (If this is your first time here, you'll need to add a room or location. Click on Edit Rooms or Edit Locations, then on the "New" button to add one. For more, see Edit Rooms or Locations). 

..and that's it.

Your event will appear on the calendar.

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