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Last Updated: 8/11/14

Events Wizard: Attending

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This screen is all about Who's attending the event.  By default, anyone can attend the event.  But if you need to specify criteria (like all the 5th grade boys) or you want to manually select people for an invitation list then you can do it on this screen. 

"Who is expected to attend this event..."

"Anyone can attend"

Selecting this option will allow anyone to attend. This is the right choice for your weekend adult services, for example.

"Only People matching this criteria"

Selecting this option will require you to narrow down the list of possible attenders based on criteria.  For instance, if you are setting up the event for check in for the Nursery on Sunday morning, "Limit to people who...are in any of these age groups: Nursery"  A list of all the kids in the Nursery Age Group will appear to the right so you can quickly verify you selected the criteria you really want. This is a powerful method to easily help people get into just the events that apply to them.  In Portal, Mobile and Check-In, people will only see the events that are relevant for them for registration and check in. 

"Only people who have been invited"

This option will limit attenders to your handpicked invitation list. Click the "Add people to this List..." button to open the group action wizard to add more people to the invite list. 

When you finish making your event, you will be given the option to send invitation emails to those you invited. 

*Note - Reminder Emails only apply to Confirmed Status' that have been Invited through an Invited Email. 

"Require registration for this event"

Checking this box will require registration for anyone who wants to attend this event. You shouldn't check the box for things like Sunday morning services where no one is required to register prior to coming to church! 

"Limit the total number of people who can attend this event to:"

Use this box to limit the number of people who can sign up for your event. When that number of registrations is met, registration via Portal, Mobile or Website will close. If you are, for instance, using a room with a maximum capacity or only have a limited number of seats, you would put that number here.

Recording Event Fee Payments

The attending tab will keep a record of people who have registered and paid for the event (if payment is required).  Registrations can be recorded manually on this screen by click the button labeled "add people to the list". After clicking this button you will be prompted for default attendance/registration status (required), a default reason (not required and typically used only when indicating a declination) and an amount paid (required but can be set to zero)

If the event is set to allow registrations from Elexio Mobile and Portal (this setting is on the publicity tab), then the list that appears on the attending tab will show all attendees in all statuses from all sources (manual additions as described above, mobile and portal).

If the amount paid is less than the registration fee set for the event the Elexio Event Wizard will automatically calculate the balance due. To see a detailed list of payments made click the question mark icon that appears on each attendee line. This full and partial payment information can also be seen on the people screen, event attendance tab.

Output Wizard

The Output Wizard is a powerful tool.  Use it here to quickly and easily get a printed list of all the people who are invited or have confirmed their attendance.  You can also use it to print quick mailing lists, labels, envelopes, and/or name tags. It’s also very helpful for creating a spreadsheet, doing a mail merge or sending emails to attenders.

For more information, see our article on the Output Wizard.

Payment Visibility & Additional Payments

The event wizard the attending tab will show everyone that has  registered for the event (both manually entered registrations and those that have come by custom forms or simple registrations.  The total amount paid compared to the event cost itself and the resulting balance will be shown in separate columns.  This information will also be visible on the attending tab of a person's record.  To see details of individual payments that make up the total amount paid,  click on the dollar sign icon in the grid and you'll be presented with an additional sub-detail grid that shows individual payments and corresponding dates.

The sub-detail grid can also be used to record a payment. Select "Add New" and indicate Manual Payment or Credit Card Payment, 

If you are using a custom form for your event, FCR 3901 Form Data By Person will display all data collected on the form.  For more details on this report and other items to consider when using custom form based registration see Managing Form Payments and Results.


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