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Last Updated: 4/21/2016

Events Wizard:  Registration

If you are using a custom registration form for your event see see Forms for Event Registration. If you are using the simple registration option continue reading.

Watch the Help Video (jump to the 9:00 mark).

"Is there a cost for this event..."

By default Events are free. However if you want to charge a simple registration fee, click the radio button in front of  "Yes, this event costs ____ per person" and type in the amount you want to charge for the event. For more robust event registration with cost and/or addition information you'd like users to submit, select use a Custom Registration Form

NOTE: If you are not using Elexio's Financial Processing Services (FPS), Elexio charges a per person ticket processing fee. This fee is billed to the church each month as part of your normal invoice. (The cost is $1 for events up to $90, and $3 for events over $90). People who purchase tickets will not see any additional fee on their receipt. We recommend you add this processing fee into the cost of the registration/ticket. 

For more information on setting up Paid events, take a look at Create Paid Events page.

"How do you want to handle attendees attempting to check in with an unpaid balance..."

If your event has a cost for registration AND you will be using Elexio Check-In to check people in, you may want to choose a course of action for when an attendee attempts to check in with an unpaid balance.  By default, they will be allowed to check in without any warning.   On the screen below, you see that there are three basic actions to choose from. You may also elect to include a message to display to those attempting to check in with an unpaid balance.

Choose whether to allow people with unpaid balance to check in anyway or not to allow them. Decide also whether to display a message informing them of the deficit and what that message should say.


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