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Last Updated: 3/24/15

 Events Wizard: Publicity

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An important part of event planning is let people know about the event!  We help you get the word out in many different ways. You can publish your event via:

  • Your church website
  • Website Calendar on your Elexio Website
  • Portal
  • Mobile
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Email
  • Mail

But you have to have the "green light" to publish your event.  What's the green light?  It's the info box at the top right of the screen that tells you whether or not your event can be published publicly.  To get a green light you have to fill in the basic info (What, When and Where) and get approval for any Rooms or Resources that require it.  You are welcome to save your event to the calendar without getting approval, you just can't publish it using our publicity tools.

Let's work through each of the fields on this tab. 

"The main contact for this event is..."

These fields are provided so that if anyone has questions about the event they have someone to contact. The owner of the event is automatically the contact person.  However if you want to override this, just enter a name, phone and email for the person who will be the Main Contact.  This info WILL be displayed everywhere this event is publicized.  So you may want to use something more generic like "Church Office" instead of a person's name, phone and email if you are concerned about privacy or just need people to call the office instead of one person.  

Publish event and allow registration

By default, an event is available for publication and registration immediately.  However, if you need to control when people may begin registering and/or when registration stops, use these date and time fields.  The event will not appear in Portal, Mobile or Website before or after the dates and times you specify.  If the registration time has expired, users will be notified that registration is closed when they try to click on the registration button.

"Use a special web page to promote this event"

This option allows you to associate a specific URL with this event.  For instance, if your church has created a separate web page to promote this event, you can put that here. (The link will appear wherever the event is published). If you do not have a special page that you have created, then the link to register for the event in Portal will be used.  This link is auto-generated after the event is saved.  

"Publish this event on..."

You can choose which Elexio products can display the event. Simply select the ones you want.

Elexio Portal is the browser-based online community for your church where people can go to register for any event they are eligible for.  Parents can also register their children for events that only the children are eligible to attend.

Elexio Mobile is the mobile app for your church where people can also register for events.  You want to be careful about publicizing too many events in Mobile.  Remember that smart phones have smaller screens.  If you publicize every event in Mobile it may be harder for people to find the events that you really want them to know about and register for.

Elexio Website is the app that manages your church website.  (Your church may not be using Elexio Website.)  If you check this box it allows the event to appear in the church calendar.  If you haven't done it already you need to create a page on your church website that includes the Calendar block and you need to populate it with events from Elexio Database.  

See also: Publish events to a third party calendar (Google calendar, Outlook, etc.)

We highly recommend you choose to publicize in all the apps for your big events where everyone is invited.  You can use Portal & Mobile for smaller events too because only the events that people are eligible to attend will appear.   You may want to experiment with how events are displayed in all the apps so you can fully understand the implications.

Promote this event on...

You can also promote the event via Facebook, Twitter, Email or any of the methods from the Output Wizard (like postal mail).

When you click the Facebook button, your browser will open and we will try to determine if you are already logged into Facebook.  If you are not logged in, you will be prompted to login to Facebook first.  Then you will be taken to a page where you can edit the post before submitting to Facebook.   Twitter works the same way!   Just remember, you are limited to 140 characters with Twitter.

When you click the Email button you will be prompted to make selections about who you want to email. For example, you can limit the email to just those people who have already registered.  You will be taken to the Send Email screen in Database where you can compose your message and send it.

We have also built the Output Wizard into this screen. Clicking this button this will allow you to also create things like labels, postcards, Excel spreadsheets, name tags, etc.

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