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Last Updated: 3/21/13

Events Wizard:  Resources

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The Event Wizard allows you to reserve resources for your events.  What kind of resources are we talking about?  Things like the church van, video projector, portable sound system, tables, chairs, etc. are all things you might want to put on the calendar and make people reserve.  Resources are organized by campus if your church is a multisite church. The quantity available is a dynamic amount that will change based on the quantity of that resource that is being used by other events.

NOTE: We encourage you to make sure that resources are setup before starting to create events. For more information, see Transition steps for Administrators.

"What resources will you need for this event..."

Select the resources that you need for the event by entering the number you need.  If there is only 1 resource available then enter "1' in the Quantity column.

Resources are organized by Campus so you may need to expand a Campus group to reveal the available resources.   Some resources can be used by any campus.  

Much like rooms, certain important resources will need approval for use. The Approval Status column shows you whether a resources requires approval and the current status of your request.

When select to use a resource that requires approval, an email notification will be sent to the necessary parties to approve or deny your request when you save the event.

Logically you will not be able to reserve resources that are not available.  They will be grayed out to show you they are already reserved for another event.

Edit Resources

You can edit or add resources that you may need by clicking the edit resources button.

To add a resource:

  • Click on "Edit Resources"
  • Click on the "New" Button
  • Enter a name for the resource and click Ok
  • Select the campus where the resource is located
  • Click Save

The resource has now been added to the list of possible resources. You can always come back and edit the resource details later by clicking "Edit Resources" and selecting it from the drop-down list. Click New again to add another resource.

If you don't see this button, it could be because your system admin has not granted you permission to add/edit the list of resources.   So go ask them to either grant you permission or add the resource you think should be in the list!  

To edit a resource: 

Follow the same steps, but instead of clicking the New button, select the resource that you want to edit from the Resource Name drop-down menu.

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